This blog is mostly a place to preview work on my book about the philosophy and psychology of personal identity.  This subject has been well-covered, but I will focus on a trend that has been more-ignored, which might be called decoherence and plurality of identity.  It involves discussions of things like:

  • What creates and holds a personality together.
  • Nature of the conscious self that underlies personal identity.
  • How society and the self interact, what conditions may fragment personalities.
  • How plurality of identity  correlates with states of consciousness and alternative realities.
  • A theory of why we can have multiple identities.
  • How far current conditions might stretch fragmentation.
  • How even more advanced technologies might totally transform identity and our fundamental being.

I invite you to join me in exploring this topic, which is after all about all of us: Me, and You, and the other you, and all those other you’s.  To follow along, refer to this page with a table of contents for this nascent book With No Name.

— Ted D. Wade

Now:  Writing about the psychology and philosphy of personal identity.
Before:  PhD in Psychobiology.  Worked on:  medical informatics/ search engines/ temporal reasoning/ AI knowledge induction/ fitness and sleep monitoring/ primate sociobiology/ teaching psychology.