Personal identity book

As the book takes shape, this page will outline it.  List below includes actual and possible chapters.

  • INTRODUCTION: The scope of personal individuality and what might be happening to it.
  • UNITY:  Coherence of the manifold Self
    1. Introduction
    2. Mental Multiplicity
    3. Material Causes
    4. First Person Singular
    5. Third Person Narrative
  • MIND: Identity rides this horse
    1. The Mind Map
    2. The BodyMind
    3. Inside and Underside
  • RECOGNITION: Credentials, social construction, and recognition.  Social importance of our individuality
  • PRIVACY:  As a social Good and underpinning of identity
  • EXTERNALIZATION:  All the ways that identity leaks out
  • EXPLOITATION:  Commercial and criminal uses of identities
  • SURVEILLANCE:  Uses and abuses of identity by social institutions
  • FRAGMENTATION:  An individual has a lot of parts.  How far might this get stretched?
  • SECURITY:  Technical miracles have not protected our data.  Will it ever become both effective and usable?
  • AUTHENTICITY:  Trust, trolling and unreality
  • TRANSFORMATION:  The evolutionary sequence: externalization, data models, virtual worlds, simulated personalities, AIs, uploads, immortality, simulated universes