Chimerealism? Really?

This blog will be a home for a book-sized project.  Other topics may appear from time to time.

Some deep background to kick it off.

Future histories will be written about the effect of the information revolution on us and our planet.  They will say that nearly everything changed, and because of that, most writers will focus on parts, not the gargantuan whole.  We can’t know how they will carve it up, or what concepts will come to dominate opinion about this early period through which we are currently being dragged.  If the Singularity actually happens then history books, like so many artifacts of our world, might become only quaint curiosities.  Points of view on the past might be the encyclopedic interpretations of god-like beings, or they might be held by unfathomable hive minds.

Meanwhile here we are, curious primates, picking tweets from each other’s fur and gossiping.  We can’t astral project ourselves outside of this culture to get a clear overview, but we have to try for some perspective.  This blog uses the concept of personal identity as a lens to look for changes in how we understand ourselves and deal with each other.  The goal is to connect observations and concepts that don’t go together (make a chimera) into new ideas that might better reflect our reality. ==> Chimerealism.



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